A Perfect Camera For Exploring Abandoned Places

From pictures of destroyed cities to abandoned military bases, there’s a beautiful history behind abandoned places. This topic page will allow you to explore the history of our world through abandoned locations.

Abandoned places to explore

Abandoned places are exciting locations for urban explorers to find. Other common terms for urban exploration are urban exploration, urban exploring, urban diver, urban explorer, urban explorer's guide, urban explorer map,.

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Explore the History of Abandoned Places ★★★★☆

Abandoned Places is an english-language exploration blog about abandoned and derelict building. After publishing our first article back in 2014, we diversified our coverage and began publishing articles on abandoned and derelict sites all over the world and had the opportunity to travel to explore them. Abandoned Places Scavenger Hunt is a series we started in 2016 and had a lot of fun creating and releasing the content.

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Website and Instagram for Urbex

If you're an urban explorer, this channel is perfect for you. It has a lot of great content, from features on abandoned buildings and structures, to favorite abandoned places from all around the world. You'll find a lot inspiration from our channel, as well as a great way to learn about everything from urban exploration to photography.

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Explore the history of the world around you.

Here at Abandoned Places, we believe that adventure should be fun, not fearful. We want to inspire people around the world to explore the forgotten corners of the world. We share our tales, offer tips and tricks, and have fun revealing the places that are shrouded in mystery.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ⚠️

Explore new parts of old cities. Discover abandoned places, the forgotten history of the world. Find stories forgotten by time. Discover new architectural treasures of the world. There are so many riches to uncover.

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Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration videos ⚠️

Abandoned Places is a website that preserves the personal stories of the abandoned buildings that surround us. Explore the sites of lost worlds, explore forgotten lives, explore the world around you.

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Explore the history of abandoned places

Explore photos and the histories of abandoned places and urban exploration. Discover abandoned places around the world. A photo timeline, urban exploration history, and over 100,000 photos are contained in Abandoned Places on your phone.

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Share your favorite abandoned places

My Backyard Has Been Left To Decay But I Wonder If It's Possible To Turn Back The Clock And Preserve These Abandoned Places For All Of Us.

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Looking to explore abandoned and lost places?

Photojournalism is how I found that passion for urban exploration which has now manifested into a work that I do. Without a digital camera and darkroom and with a general lack of proper guidance and any scientific background, I started documenting and photographing urban exploration scenarios and abandoned places with a Leica M3.

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⚜︎ Abandoned Places - Focus on the Foremost ⚜︎

Historical exploration can be a fascinating and dangerous experience. Urban exploration is a unique way to explore, learn and experience history. It can also be a risky activity. At Abandoned Places, we document the stories of 100s of abandoned places around the globe.

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Explore photos and histories of abandoned places.

Abandoned places are exciting to explore! Other terms for urban exploration.

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Next article comes up soon

Abandoned places are places that are waiting to be rediscovered, but it's never too late.

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Journeys to the most secret places on Earth.

Abandoned places are an exciting location for urban explorers who may also search for other terms such as "city ghost", "city ruins", "industrial archaeology", and "urban spelunking".

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Look at some photos of abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Check out the best urbex locations ★★★★★

Abandoned places are exciting for the explorer who ventures off the beaten path and discovers the unappreciated parts of the city.

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Download information to put in your itinerary

History, urban exploration, photography, hidden gems, abandoned places, urban exploration, exploration, adventurers, stories, walking, walking, walking.

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You'll never look at Europe the same way again.

Stares at the abandoned places all over the world and allows you to revisit them.

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Explore abandoned places to find abandoned places

Travelling is what brings together the online collective of AOAR. We derive immense personal satisfaction from exploring these sites of amnesia. We are obsessive about finding strange, forgotten, curious or abandoned places all around the world, at any time of the year. We also enjoy travelling with friends, exploring strange places or doing strange things on our way. Join us on our strange but fascinating journey on YouTube.

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Killer List of the World's Best Urbex Places

From the depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of the climbing world, urban exploration is an exciting, adrenaline-fueled perspective of the world. Explore the delights of Abandoned Places with these stunning photos of abandoned locations.

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Prepare for a [random year] adventure ★★★★☆

Be the first to explore, discover, and take photos of history's most Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration hotspots.

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A book about incredible abandoned places ★★★☆☆

Explore abandoned places and gain insight into the history of the abandoned and lost places of Europe. Find the best urbex locations and read about interesting stories that surround them.

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Check out Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Explore abandoned places like the research lab of the cruel Dr. Z, the dirtiest tram of the world, or the eerie-looking old empty building of your dreams.

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Explore the histories of abandoned places

Urban Exploration. Everything about urban exploring, urban exploring videos, abandoned places to explore, urban exploration equipment, urban explorers, urban explorers that travel around the world.

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See abandoned places with locations ★★★★☆

Explore abandoned places, urban exploration, and more.

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History of abandoned places ★★★★★

Abandoned Places: Explore abandoned places and lost places.

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Explore abandoned places around Europe ★★★★★

Want to experience the lost cities of our world? We take you on journeys into the abandoned cities of Europe, Asia, North America, and more! We're fascinated by the old, the forgotten, the abandoned, the decaying, the crumbling, the dilapidated, the crumbling. Join us in exploring forgotten places with Abandoned NYC, the leading stop for the best abandoned places in New York City.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ⛔

What's the best way to get the inside scoop on abandoned places?.

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Read about the history of abandoned places ★★★★☆

Bold urban explorers are conducting urban exploration, but their stories are often focused on urban decay, urban exploration in abandoned places, urban exploration in everyday life, urban exploration in the abandoned wild, urban exploration in the public, urban exploration in the North, urban exploration in the South, urban exploration in the wild, urban exploration tours, urban exploration trips, urban explorers, urban explorers in the wild, urban exploration in the United States, urban exploration in Canada, urban exploration in Europe, urban exploration in China.

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Join us on our journey

Abandoned places are exciting locations for urban explorers. People are often more willing to explore abandoned buildings, craters, or other sites that are very remote or on private property.

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Abandoned Places Around the World

Find out what makes these abandoned places so special.

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Explore deserted places around Europe

See images on abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Imagine what it would be like to live there.

Visually Marvellous. Explore Lonesome, Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration With AR Augmented Reality. Connect with Tour Guides for Exclusive Locations.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Explore Abandoned Places – Get a sense of the lives that were left behind. Visit 100+ abandoned places around the world.

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Interactive maps of abandoned places ★★★★★

Explore, learn, and find beauty in abandoned places.

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The app gives a tour of the area ★★★★☆

Abandoned places are excitable venues for the urban explorer's adventures. Other terms for urban exploration are commonly listed below.

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Explore and share urbex locations ★★★★★

Explore abandoned places of the world without ever leaving your desk. This online archive of photos has been curated to tell the stories of the abandoned places, documenting their history before they are reclaimed into their new future.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a photograph is worth a thousand pictures. Abandoned Places is a book of photographs curated by Joe Iurato and Tom Chessari, much like a photographer’s portfolio, but this time focusing on views from the window of a traveling van as the two friends, also professional photographers, travel from place to place. They share their travels, thoughts and processes as they document incredible locations from coast to coast. Abandoned Places is a product that captures an.

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Brief overview of a project ★★★★★

A website with a compilation of abandoned buildings and the world's abandoned places.

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